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    More than skin-deep: Why we’ve renamed our practice.

    By Counted

    We don’t write many blog posts and articles.  We’re not the types to lift our heads from the work. Accounting’s about the detail, and we’re always knee-deep into getting our clients the best result.  […]

    QBCC Compliant

    By For your world

    In Queensland, individuals and companies must hold a QBCC licence to carry out:

    How to use your tax refund wisely

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    Accounting for Builders

    By For your world

    Running a building business is hard work. The physical challenge aside, you need planning, scheduling, and financial skills to manage your cash flow, apprentices and sub-contractors. The long hours, […]

    Creating a business budget

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    What is a business budget?  Why do you need one?

    How to get your finances on track

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    Getting your finances on track can seem overwhelming! You may ask, where do I start however the answer is simple, you need to start somewhere.  Take a deep breath and keep reading and we will deliver […]

    Our ageing workforce

    By Candice Dolley

    My husband works at the Toowoomba Base Hospital.  He is one of three of his family members who work at the hospital.  He often comes home with stories about work.  He told me once of a young nurse […]

    Are you being Data Smart with your Smart Phone

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    Recently, the new shiny iPhone XS and XR entered the market.

    Setting Business Goals

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    Most business people, are not good at setting goals. They tend to be reactive as opposed to proactive.  If you did $2 million in revenue last year, you’re most likely going to aim for $2.1M this year […]

    What is Negative Gearing

    By For your world

      What is negative gearing? Negative gearing is something that’s often in the news. If you’re a current or potential property investor, it’s important to understand exactly what negative gearing is […]