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Sole Trader 101

By Shane Wilson

Sole Trader Definition  A sole trader is considered one of the easiest types of businesses to start.  You must acquire appropriate permits and licenses to operate legally, and you are personally […]

Return on Life (ROL)

By Kristy Churchill


Goal Setting

By Candice Dolley

Business owners fail to set goals because they get too busy. They are often focused on the wrong things, such as running a tight ship rather than investing in the appropriate resource to enable the […]

Lodging a tax return for your business

By Chelsea Mitchener

You have a choice in how to lodge your tax return. You can lodge:

A crackdown on popular tax deductions is coming

By Shane Wilson

It’s always been the case that taxpayers can’t claim tax deductions for expenses they haven’t forked out for, or that don’t wholly relate to their work.

Downsizing to upsize your superannuation

By Tony Beckett

The downsizer super contribution might be something to consider if you are aged 65 or more and selling your home.


By Tony Beckett

Now I am not saying this is easy anymore, because it just isn’t.

Farm Household Allowance

By Tory Robertson

On the 10 August, our Angel’s are real blog article went live.  Australia is in one of its worst droughts since 1902.  How can we help our farmers?  We can’t make it rain. 

Xero makes your business life easier

By Candice Dolley

Running a business is hard.  One of the hardest parts is trying to get paid for services rendered.  Electronic invoicing such as Xero is great software to help shrink lag times for payments. To make […]

Have you considered the impact of an unexpected event on your SMSF?

By Tony Beckett

Your SMSF is a long-term plan.  Much can happen during this time including illness, incapacity or death of a member.