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    Goal Setting

    By Candice Dolley

    Business owners fail to set goals because they get too busy. They are often focused on the wrong things, such as running a tight ship rather than investing in the appropriate resource to enable the business to grow. The upshot of this is that in many cases, the owners run out of hours in the day to hold regular Board or management meetings and it is extremely rare to find a small business with the discipline to hold an annual goal setting session for the year ahead. This is where we come in!

    There are three reasons why we believe this:

    DCA Goal Setting

    1. We have the skill to facilitate a meeting that will end in you having set your year long goals
    2. You will receive enormous value from such sessions. We have worked with many firms and have strongly encouraged them to integrate planning and goal setting into their business plans
    3. A goal-setting session is an ideal platform to leverage into a range of business improvement services that can create enormous value to your business. 

    The output of the goals setting session is a concise project plan with clear accountabilities for implementation. Two very different animals. The latter is infinitely more valuable.

    The goal setting session is a provocative session designed to have you think deeply about  your approach to managing their business. As you become more involved in the goal session setting, you will notice that the real value accrues in no time at all.

    If you would like to set your business goals, make an appointment with with one of our Business Advisors today.  

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