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    Managing Change

    By Shane Wilson

    Change management has become a key focus over the last decade as companies either accept change or face becoming obsolete. In today’s rapidly changing, dynamic and technologically advanced society, it’s crucial to embrace change and follow through with the process across your business. Transformation from a traditional business model to one that thrives in the digital era is crucial to the future of any business - Steve Forbes Editor in Chief of Forbes Media.

    managing change

    Many businesses today say or feel “We’re stuck.”   But why are they “stuck?” Beyond fearing change itself, they failed to see how the business environment was shifting. Old distribution channels were shrinking. Contractors had cut distributors out of the supply chain. Consumers had found better prices on the Internet. With product life cycles continually shortening, competitors were upstaging each other’s products in no time. If you can’t change, you risk becoming antiquated.

    Most of you reading this are probably feeling one of the below

    1. Afraid of the unknown
    2. Driven by well-honed habits
    3. Convinced the past will reappear and save you

    What can you do to become "unstuck" 

    • Get out of the office. 
    • Go exploring. 
    • Build an innovative culture. 

    To ignite change, you need to do it yourself first. You need to recognize that new ideas come from trying new solutions in your own head and changing your brain’s focus. Then you can rollout the rest of the plan to your company.

    Change is absolutely terrifying.  It doesn't have to be though.  If you engage the right people from the start, build a great relationship with your business advisory (accountant) and financial planner and you are more than half way to changing the direction of your business. 

    Are you ready to embrace change, but aren’t sure how to transform your business?  DC Advisory Group can help you, contact us to make your appointment.  


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