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    Who is your priority?

    By Shane Wilson

    How easy is it for a new competitor to emerge in your industry. The answer, of course, is VERY EASY.   All you need is ‘an Internet connection and one client.' (and a good relationship with your […]

    Helping your children understand money - Part 2

    By Candice Dolley

    I spent years and years working for financial institutions, working on products, marketing, event management. My opinion, at that time, that bank accounts for our kids, especially kids savings […]

    Helping your children understand money - Part 1

    By Kristy Churchill

    Kristy and Candice have combined their vast knowledge of the financial services industry and parenting skills to provide you with some skills on kids and money - by telling you about the mistakes […]

    Are you a loser?

    By Tony Beckett

    Robert Gottleiebsen a business columnist wrote for the Australian on 29 September, "battlers losers in Labor franking policy change.  With about 1.4 million older people set to be directly hit be the […]

    Managing Change

    By Shane Wilson

    Change management has become a key focus over the last decade as companies either accept change or face becoming obsolete. In today’s rapidly changing, dynamic and technologically advanced society, […]

    Be your own boss

    By Shane Wilson

    Last week I focused on what it takes to be a sole trader.  This week, I am looking at - Entrepreneurship.  

    Sole Trader 101

    By Shane Wilson

    Sole Trader Definition  A sole trader is considered one of the easiest types of businesses to start.  You must acquire appropriate permits and licenses to operate legally, and you are personally […]

    Return on Life (ROL)

    By Kristy Churchill


    Goal Setting

    By Candice Dolley

    Business owners fail to set goals because they get too busy. They are often focused on the wrong things, such as running a tight ship rather than investing in the appropriate resource to enable the […]

    Lodging a tax return for your business

    By Chelsea Mitchener

    You have a choice in how to lodge your tax return. You can lodge: